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Product details

I. Application

PNJ, PNJFA is a single-stage pump-smoking single cantilever centrifugal rubber sand slurry. This structure in the form of two pumps, only the choice of different materials, PNJFA-pump is designed to transport corrosive containing pulp. They have a deputy and the impeller fill two different sealing structure, various types of transportation for pulp, but there are not suitable for transmission cusp edge of the solid particles of liquid. The largest concentration of pulp transmission should not exceed 65% (by weight), the temperature should not exceed 60 ℃. Impeller deputy in the use of sealed structure, a high degree of reperfusion may not import more than 5 meters of water.

At present, our factory producing rubber Mud pulp(2 PNJ, 2PNJFA), 4 PNJ, 4PNJFA, (6 PNJ, 6PNJFA) 6 varieties.

Pump Model significance: 2PNJFA

2 --- spit-caliber 2"(50 mm)

P --- impurity pulp

N --- mud

J --- rubber

F --- corrosion resistant

A --- PNJ, PNJF Pump-type structure for the first time to improve

II. Structure explanation

PNJ, PNJFA-plastic pump parts and components are the main body, covered pump, impeller, the axis, the former sheath, after the sheath, brackets, vice impeller or packing seals,etc.

Pump body, covered pump, bracket and so on, made of cast iron with high quality. According to different purposes, there are high-quality carbon steel shaft or made of nickel chrome steel, pre-and post-jacket of acid wear rubber, wear-resistant rubber, and plate together, for steel impeller system were lining outside the framework To wear rubber acid, wear rubber. Bracket for the level of opening. Two pump can be used in series, the direction of exports for the upward vertical, as well as the level of the export structure, but must be ordered with that. Seal according to the general structure of the sealed packing supply, according to the conditions of use, to be chosen vice-sealed impeller, the user must specify in the order.

Pump and motor is direct drive through the flexible coupling, or indirectly through the triangular pulley drive, using thin oil-lubricated bearings.

The pump rotation direction from the drive for the anti-clockwise rotation direction.


2PNJB, 2PNJFB, 6PNJB, 6PNJFB, is the second time to improve the structure of the pump, parts and components are: pump, pump cover, pump seat, frame, the original structure of the pump is not common in other parts borrowing. Shape-size installation is different pump changes to the seat. The main use of technical specifications remain the same.

The improved main characteristics: the pump outlet direction to meet the needs of the user to install, 2PNJB, 2PNJFB the outlet can be 45 ° angle of rotation between different directions, 6PNJB, 6PNJFB outlet in the range of 270 ° angle can be Several spin direction.

III. Assemble、 start and stop running notes


⑴impeller blades and vice jacket after the end of the gap, vice-covered impeller blades and decompression of the gap can end a round nut or adjust the pad to the provisions of the drawings.

⑵bearing displacement due to space, or easy to wear and cited bearing heat.


⑴all the pressure in the pipeline can not pump the weight on. Import and export pipeline should not turn a sharp bend in order to prevent blockage.

⑵operation, a direct drive to check and adjust the pump motor and the concentricity, the coupling of the two outer circle around the upper and lower tolerance must not more than 0.1 mm, the coupling of the two end-gap Tolerance is not more than 3 mm. Indirect transmission should check pump tank round and round the electric slot parallel degree.

Ⅲ、start up:

⑴thin oil bearing lubrication, oil bracket should check the oil level of the room. Control of oil in the face of oil marked up and down the center line of 2 mm.

⑵ to check the motor and pump it to the same requirements.

⑶in perfusion, to open lines of inhalation valve, the motor starts, the pressure gauge.

⑷to prevent sediment plug Vice impeller, the impact of sealing effect, it is necessary to carry out periodic, vice impeller washing.


After the pump stopped, it is necessary to put a net pulp cavity pump, and running water to prevent sediment plug.


⑴bearing temperature must not exceed 75 ℃, the oil level should be in control provisions, and to maintain the purity of the oil.

⑵should not be used to control the import of the valve on the road to regulate traffic, to avoid pump vibration caused by cavitation .

⑶pumps should not be lower than the designed capacity and 30 % under the pile delivery, to be used in the export control on the road to install a bypass pipe, resolve to back.

⑷pumps have found anomalies in a timely manner when dealing with.

⑸ master cycle operation, bearings and spare parts to replace on a regular basis to prevent accidents.

⑹use filler seal, the seal would need to join more than pump pressure 2-3kg/cm2 the pressure of the water seal, the general water pump for water, the work of 3-5%.

IV. Possible failure and its solution



Exclusive method

Bearing power to much

1. large proportion of pulp

2. Pump friction


1. Adjust the proportion of pulp

2. Rule out the friction test to identify parts

lack of pump lift

1. Impeller with the sheath is too large gap

2. Impeller serious wear

1. Adjustment the gap of Impeller and pre-jacket.

2. replacement Impeller

Bearing over-heat

1. fewer lubricating bearings or impurities

2. Bearings displacement gap too small

1. fuel or cleaning、 change oil,

2. Bearing covers additional space to enlarge gap.

Bearing vibrating

1. Bearing damage.

2. Impeller imbalance or impeller wear and loss of balance

3. Pump into the plasma volume is too small or large intake

1. Replacement bearing

2. Impeller replacement

3. increasing Slurry and exclude gas

Sealing leaks

Vice impeller structure:

1. Perfusion pressure too large

2. Impeller blades and the deputy vice-piece impeller head face too much space

3. Impeller blades and the deputy vice-impeller serious wear and tear or impeller plug

Packing material structure:

1. Seal in the water pipe

2. Fillers wear

1. reduce perfusion pressure

2. Adjustment to the technical requirements

3. replacement impeller and back blade or wash

back blade


1. Seal inspection device into the water pressure on the Bank of filling

2. Replaced with new packing

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